CATC PCIexpress Protokoll Analyzer PE002 MA Serie H2500

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Ich verkaufe hier meinen Ersatz PCIexpress Analysierer, da ich das Projekt abgeschlossen habe, und kein Zweitgerät mehr benötige. Die Software ist nicht mehr aktuell, es müsste sicherlich ein update dafür bei LeCroy eingekauft werden.Das Gerät ist aus 2003 und ist die erste Generation der CATC / LeCroy Analyzer.

LeCroy's PCI Express Protocol Analyzer solutions employ high impedance, non-intrusive probing technology thereby allowing fully unaltered data pass-through. In addition, it leverages the intuitive and powerful LeCroy Trace expert software system, embedding a deep understanding of the PCI Express protocol hierarchy and intricacies and presents this knowledge to the user in a colorful, intuitive and easy to use graphical display, allowing users to quickly capture and validate PCI Express product designs. These analyzers enable IP, semiconductor, switch, software and system developers as well as add-on card vendors to quickly identify protocol violations and ultimately reduce development and debugging time.

Developers can use LeCroy's PCI Express Protocol solutions to easily capture and decode PCI Express Transaction Layer Packets (TLPs), Data Link Layer Packets (DLLPs), and low-level link traffic, including Training Sequences and Skip Ordered-sets. Some of the errors detected include: 8b/10b errors, such as invalid symbols and incorrect running disparity; CRC errors; idle data errors; and EDB (End-of-Packet Bad) errors. They also provide a detailed display of split transactions, correlating requests transmitted from one PCI Express endpoint with completions received from the endpoint at the opposite end of the link.

LeCroy is well known for its technical leadership. Customers have come to depend on LeCroy supporting protocols while they are early in development when these tools are essential.